Why Is Cancer Rehabilitation Important?

The number of people surviving and living longer with cancer is growing.

Exercise is one of the best medicines people can take in addition to their standard cancer treatment. Exercise is the number one treatment for reducing the most common and debilitating side effects of cancer.

Support by a Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist at this time may help you stick to chemotherapy or radiotherapy programmes, especially with active programmes to manage fatigue and maintain strength. Physiotherapy may improve recovery from surgery or motivate a safe return to activity that allows you to thrive at your current state of diagnosis.

Cancer Rehabilitation, delivered by specially trained Pinc and Steel physiotherapists reduces many of the problems associated with a cancer diagnosis and the effects of it’s treatment. Caught early, many side effects can be managed far more easily. We are all about moving from illness to wellness.

Exercise supports wellbeing in people affected by cancer by decreasing negative symptoms such as fatigue, depression and joint pains. It may help you get back to work or to the activities that you love. Research suggests that people who are physically active improve their chance of survival and decrease the risk of cancer coming back.

Physical activity may have beneficial effects for several other aspects of cancer survivorship– specifically  quality of life, cancer recurrence or progression, weight gain and the likelihood of survival.

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