Jo is passionate about using therapeutic exercise to achieve a great outcome matched to an individual’s goals.  She has worked in top sports medicine teams in London. Here in New Zealand Jo has enjoyed working in innovative physiotherapy teams in Wellington and the Kapiti Coast.

Jo is a mother of three children, enjoys adventure racing and regularly practices yoga. 

A physiotherapist can diagnose your injury or accurately assess your movement patterns to help you achieve your physical goals.


C Wellness physiotherapists are experts at tailoring physiotherapy techniques and rehabilitative exercise to hep you meet your goals. We listen to your goals and work alongside you to achieve great outcomes. We achieve this with expert diagnostics, assessment of the factors that may have contributed to your injury, appropriate hands on treatment and a programme of exercise and holistic interventions that engage you for your best recovery.

We have a Pilates and Yoga studio on site are are experienced in using these disciplines for rehabilitation. Our programmes will always be focussed on your preferred activity – be this gardening, martial arts or deep sea diving! We recognise that Spiritual, Mental and Emotional factors affect our Physical wellbeing and regularly address these factors to tailor a programme to you as a whole human.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Jo is a Pinc & Steel Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist. She is passionate about helping people affected by Cancer. Our programmes are designed to help people through every stage of their treatment and recovery, incorporating individualised physiotherapy rehabilitation and exercise prescription to specialised group exercise classes.

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